Fourth Annual Family History Conference

August 24, 2013
9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
(Registration begins at 8:00 AM)
10062 Bramalea Rd. Brampton,ON

This Fourth Annual One World - One Family Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Keynote Address: Preserving and Presenting Your Family History

Dr. Donald R. Snow will address questions like:

Who is going to inherit your family history? Is your family history in boxes, drawers, and filing cabinets?
Will anyone keep your hard copy files? What about all those photos you've collected?

He will give us some ideas on how to assemble and store our research so that families can be inspired by their ancestors. He will also introduce us to FamilySearch Family Tree, the new database from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with opportunities for everyone to store data, photos, stories, and to collaborate with each other in family history

We are fortunate to have Dr. Donald R. Snow as our keynote speaker and as a presenter of two workshops.

Dr. Snow is a Californian with Utah roots. He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering as well as Mathematics; has taught Mathematics at Brigham Young University; been a Visiting Professor of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo; has been a Vice President of the Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group since the early 1990's. He is also speaking at the Brigham Young University Family History Conference this summer.

Plenary Address: The Importance of Knowing Our Family History

We are in for a treat when well-known Canadian archivist and genealogical authority, Brian Gilchrist, shares with us the advantages of knowing our own personal histories.

Brian Gilchrist is a fourth-generation Torontonian and a ninth-generation Canadian, J. Brian Gilchrist is one of Canada's leading genealogical authorities. A graduate in History from the University of Toronto, he is a frequent guest on radio and television, as well as the founder and a member of many genealogical, archival, and heritage organizations. Gilchrist has authored many publications on genealogy.

Mr. Gilchrist is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his lifetime achievements in recording and researching Canadian history and heritage.


Please feel free to download the workshop schedule for the day - OWOF2013WorkshopSchedule.pdf.

Workshops and Addresses

A Visit to the New Archives of Ontario by Stewart Boden
Beginning English Research by Linda Westover
English Wills and Administrations by James F. S. Thomson
Family Secrets Revealed by DNA Analysis by John D. Reid
Finding Your Ancestors from the Philippines by Jette Soutar
Genealogical Information Resources Available in the National Capital Area by Shirley-Ann Pyefinch
Getting Started in British West Indian Genealogical Research by Dorothy Kew
In Search of Your Scottish Ancestors: Search Your Roots; Discover Your Heritage by Christine Woodcock
Ireland. Finding your Way back Home--Making Maps Speak by Nuala Farrell-Griffin
Ireland. Which Side of the Stone Wall?--Are You in the Right Place? by Nuala Farrell-Griffin
Lesser Known Databases for Scottish Genealogy Research by Christine Woodcock
Maximizing LDS Genealogical Information Resources by Shirley-Ann Pyefinch
My Journey Discovering My Aboriginal Roots by Don Crawford
Navigating and Including Sources in FamilySearch/Family Tree by Dr. Donald Snow
Researching Your Jamaican Ancestry From Canada by Dorothy Kew
Shining Light on the Forgotten - The British Home Children by Lori Oschefski and Sandra Joyce
So Your Family Came from Peel County? by Kyle Neill
Some Good and Free Family History Websites by Dr. Donald Snow
Spanish & South American Research by Linda Westover
Surviving the Technical World of Genealogy by Steve Fulton
The ABC's of Indexing by Mavis Finlayson
Why Mormons Build Temples by Toronto Temple Presidency
尋根 - 中國家譜研討會 Finding Chinese Ancestors by Grace Chan

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