Harry van Bommel

Harry van Bommel is the founder of Canada 150, the largest history-gathering project ever in Canada. Through the collaborative efforts of organizations and individuals across Canada, the project will encourage 1.5 million Canadians to record their memories, life and family stories and community histories in time for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

Harry is the author of 41 books. Harry has traced his own family roots back to 15th and 17th century Holland and continues to add stories to his family history so that his children and descendants will know something of the character and experiences of their ancestors.

Harry cared for his parents and grandfather at home until they died. He knows first hand what happens when a generation’s stories are not recorded. The boomer generation and their parents and children did much of their communication through the telephone and Internet, so we do not have their diaries, letters and journals as permanent records of our histories. Canada 150 is designed to ensure that as many Canadian families as possible do, in fact, leave a legacy of their histories to their descendants and to our country in perpetuity.

Workshops - Previous Conferences

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